This is a list of interactive applets for Calculus topics, sorted by sections in (our localized version of) “Active Calculus” by Matt Boelkins. This list exists mainly for archival purposes - all these links are also integrated on their corresponding topic pages, which you can also find by searching for the tag “interactive”.

Many of the listed applets are created by Marc Renault, otherwise a specific credit is noted.

Calculus I

1.1 Velocity

1.2 Notion Of Limit

1.3 Derivative At A Point

1.4 Derivative Function

1.5 Using The Derivative

1.6 Second Derivative

1.7 Limit Laws And Continuity

1.8 Differentiability And Linearization

2.1 Basic Derivative Rules

2.2 Sine And Cosine

2.3 Product And Quotient Rules

2.4 Other Trig Functions

2.5 Chain Rule

2.6 Inverse Functions

2.7 Implicit Differentiation

2.7b Logarithmic Differentiation

2.8 Hospitals Rule

2.9 More On Limits

3.1 Extreme Values

3.2 Families Of Functions

3.3a Global Optimization

3.3b Analysis Theorems

3.4 Applied Optimization

Calculus II

8.1 Sequences

8.1b Review Of Limit Methods

8.2 Geometric Series

8.3 General Series

8.4 Alternating Series

8.5a Taylor Polyomials

8.5b Taylor Series

4.1 Determining Distance From Velocity

  • Introduction to Integration - The Exercise Bicycle Problem:

4.2 Riemann Sums

4.3 The Definite Integral

4.4 The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus

5.1 Constructing Accurate Graphs of Antiderivatives

5.2 Area Functions And The 2nd FTC

5.3 Substitution

5.4 Integration By Parts

5.5a Partial Fractions

5.5b Trigonometric Integrals

5.5c Trig Substitution

5.5d Tables And Computer Algebra Systems

5.6 8.6 Numerical Integration And Series

6.1 Area And Arclength

6.2a Volumes Discs

6.2b Volumes Shells

6.3 Density And Mass

6.4 Work Force Pressure

6.5 Improper Integrals

7.1 Intro To Differential Equations

7.2-7.3 Slope Fields And Eulers Method

7.4 Separable Differential Equations

9.1 Common Functions in Economics

9.2 Marginal Functions

9.3 Elasticity of Demand

9.4 Gini Index, Consumer & Producer Surplus

9.5 Future and Present Value of Continuous Income Streams

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