On the following pages, you will find a carefully selected list of online resources (for the most part embedded YouTube videos, but also interactive applets) for most topics of a typical CEGEP course covering High School Sec. V Math (201-015 at our college), which are meant to help you with your learning experience.


A large proportion of the embedded video material on the following pages was created by Tyler Wallace to accompany his textbook “Beginning and Intermediate Algebra” - both of which are licensed under a Creative Commons License and which we therefore gratefully include here.

You can use these pages in a couple of different ways:

  • You can go through all topics in order, by following the navigation links at the bottom of each page, starting with Real Numbers. (But note that this order may not necessarily match the order that your teacher or textbook uses.)
  • You can search for a specific topic by looking at the Table of Contents (note that the pages are listed in reverse chronological order).
  • You can search for a specific keywords (or “tags”), either by referring to the full list of tags, or by using the search box on the upper right to search for a specific term. (In both cases, you might also find articles about other courses containing those keywords, such as Calculus 1 or Linear Algebra.)

Each page on this website will give specific recommendations on what to read or watch before coming to the particular class which will discuss these topics. This is a highly recommended way to prepare for your classes, even if your teacher does not actually use this teaching approach - but you are of course also free to peruse the listed materials after class as you feel necessary.


Unless your teacher gives you specific instructions, it is up to you to decide how much of the listed resources you need to read or watch - you probably do not need to go through all of it. You might also want to look at the General Study Tips & Tricks page for some recommendations on how to effectively study with a math textbook and videos.

Enjoy and good luck with your learning!

Gabriel Indurskis


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