Here is a list of some useful videos and resources I think might help you with studying, and with preparing & taking exams (not just in Math):

  • Important Tip for YouTube videos (not just the ones below): If you find a video is going too fast for you to follow, you can always:

    1. Activate the subtitles/closed-captions
    2. Change the playback speed (click on the little settings wheel, then select “speed”)
    3. Don’t forget that you can always pause the video to collect your thoughts!

  • A short slideshow from a workshop about Study Skills & Exam Preparation, prepared by Bouny from Student Services at Champlain College - which also includes information on who to contact for help with any of this at our college.

  • How to read a Math Textbook (like you will be asked to do before every class!):

    OPTIONAL: Watch this 11-minute demo of this technique on an actual textbook page:

  • 10 Study Tips for Exams by Thomas Frank (a.k.a. College Info Geek):

  • The Most Powerful Way To Remember What You Study by Thomas Frank (a.k.a. College Info Geek):

  • I highly recommend you check out more videos on Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel, almost every single one of them has something interesting to learn from (just don’t procrastinate too much and go back to actual studying!)

  • My Study Routine” by Mariana Viara, a productivity coach (and previously Law student) from Lisbon, Portugal - with lots of very good tips on how to best organize your study routine:

  • How to prepare for tests & exams effectively, by Mariana Viara:


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