We review how to simplify basic algebraic expressions (expressions involving variables) by using the distributive law and collecting like terms.

Basic Learning Objectives

These are the tasks you should be able to perform with reasonable fluency when you arrive at your next class meeting. Important new vocabulary words are indicated in italics.

  • Use the distributive law to expand an algebraic expression involving variables.

Advanced Learning Objectives

In addition to mastering the basic objectives, here are the tasks you should be able to perform after class, with practice:

  • Identify like terms and simplify an algebraic expression by combining them.

To prepare for class

  • Watch the following video (by Bell Curved Education) which introduces the distributive law:

After class

  • Watch the following videos (by Tyler Wallace) which show how to expand algebraic expressions and collect like terms:

  • Watch the following video (by patrickJMT) which gives more examples of expanding algebraic expressions and collecting like terms:


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